Young internet entrepreneurs #AAH



In this video our 20 year old guest Tanay Thakre shares how he became a young internet entrepreneur in Corona lockdown times.


Tanay is a fashion student pursuing his course from Milan, Italy. With the sudden lockdown, he was forced to take a break and wasn’t sure of what the options were. During a discussion with his brother, he devised a plan for home kitchen. That was the start of how he turned into a young internet entrepreneur.


Tanay smartly used Instagram & Facebook to showcase his new business, promote it to people in Mumbai city. Infact he also got many delivery persons via social media. He tapped into an opportunity at a time when people were really stressed, jobs were being lost but food is something which will always be needed. This was his chance to turn into a young internet entrepreneur!


Tanay also says that he sees a lot of bullying, body shaming, harassment of youth on social media. He believes that it is the responsibility of youth to fight this evil. If India has to keep progressing in all fields, we have to also make sure that we allow people to express views an disagree in a civil manner. Don’t bully anyone & don’t let anyone bully you.


We agree with Tanay. Be kind to everyone online, there is a lot of scope for growth using internet. Don’t be a bully, become a young internet entrepreneur instead.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.


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