You Can Be A Star On Internet #AAH



Jaywant Thakre is a loved celebrity make up artist. He has been working with the biggest Bollywood Stars for last 40 years! Jaywant tells how you can be a star on internet.


Jaywant believes that internet has given access to everyone to show their talent. Via social media, via You Tube, we have the power to share our skills equally. When used correctly, you can be a star online.


Jaywant also says that one of the biggest changes internet has brought online has also been that now movies are being heavily promoted on digital media. Massive promotions or releases are being done on social media. All Bollywood or TV stars pay special attention to their social media profiles.


However this has also led to bullying & vile behaviour towards the actors which is not right. Their families are often targeted, harassed or even threatened. That’s quite unfair. Public figures do not deserve to get death threats for their characters or personal lives as we are seeing in recent times. Use internet rather to become and online star is what Jaywant says. We agree.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.




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