Webcam Safety Tips!  #AAH


All of us are increasingly using webcams for work and personally especially during pandemic its use spiked. What a wonderful way of keeping in touch with people across the world, remote working, seamless conversation.


But, let me tell you about this case where someone was home, their camera according to them was switched off and obviously when we are home we are sitting in comfortable clothes, its our private space but those pictures of their home, their footage sitting in front of the camera got leaked. How? Nobody came home, nobody had access to their passwords.


Yes- their webcam got hacked! And each time they were in front of the camera, that recording/picture was accessed by someone else.


There are many ways it could have happened, one common way is if there was a malware installed on the system. Therefore do not open any suspicious looking emails. It might install malicious software on your system. This might hack into your system, lock your data or even slow down your system.


If you click on any such pop up add or visit a suspicious site, download content from such a site, malware can be installed into your system.


It’s common phishing technique cybercriminals use to slip remote-access software into your device.



Secondly,  please install strong anti-malware, anti-spyware software, firewalls on your system. They are like building a wall round your house so that no one can enter easily.


Download apps only from official stores (and check the requested permissions)


Be wary of tech support scams

You also need to be cautious of remote tech support. Remote tech support scammers, for example, can take advantage of the access they’ve been granted to laptops or computers by installing malware on them when consumers call up requesting help. Such malware would provide remote access to a device and its data, including control of the webcam.

next time you do need computer repairs, make sure you trust the source providing tech service, whether you’re leaving your device in-store or providing remote access.

This goes for video conferencing apps as well as apps in general, on both mobile and computer. Official stores include the site of the app itself – just make sure the software is trustworthy, by googling something like “privacy concerns” along with its name.



Check app permissions on your device, if the particular doesn’t need camera permission, withdraw. Also don’t trust the camera indicator light, even if its not glowing, it could be own


Lastly, the simplest solution- keep the camera covered with a piece of paper & take when not in use. If you use an external camera, please unplug it when not in use. This is a simple, cheap, definite solution.


Additionally, one also needs to ensure that our wi-fi passwords are very strong. If you are using easy to compromise passwords then it can possibly get hacked & get access to your system too. Avoid public wi-fi networks for making video calls. Pappu 123 is not a great password!



वेबकेम सुरक्षा सुझाव


सबसे पहले आप जब भी कैमरा का प्रयोग कर रहे हों, तो उसे एक कागज़ और टेप से बंद कर के रखे। अगर आप कैमरा अलग से ऐड करते हैं तो उसे प्लग से निकल लें और जब ज़रुरत हो तभी इस्तेमाल करें


किसी भी संदिग्ध दिखने वाली ईमेल को खोलें, इस से आपके कंप्यूटर पे मैलवेयर डाउनलोड हो सकता है, आपका डाटा हैक हो सकता है, लॉक भी हो सकता है। मालवेयर आपके सिस्टम को स्लो भी कर सकते है।


हमें अच्छे फ़ायरवॉल, एंटी मैलवेयर,एंटी spyware सॉफ्टवेयर भी प्रयोग करने chahiye यह घर के तरफ बानी चार दीवारी की तरह होती हैं जो बाहर से किसी को अंदर आने वाले को रोक सकती हैं


एक और महत्वपूर्ण बातघर पर अपने इंटरनेट का पासवर्ड एकदम मजबूत रखे। इस से आपके कॉल करते समय उसका हैक होने से बच सकेगा, किसी भी पब्लिक इंटरनेट पर वेबकेम का प्रयोग करे।  


PS- We have also included relevant content from articles/posts available on the subject, online.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!






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