Teach Kids ‘Stranger Danger’! #AAH

Trigger Warning- In an overwhelming majority of se*ual assaults against minors, the offender is known to the victim. Basically the child knows the perpetrator. It could be a relative, cousin, neighbour, teacher, family friend etc. Therefore the seeds of grooming are sown where there is trust with the child. How does this happen?  Why does the child not share the start of any misbehavior by an elder, with the parents?


Answer is because we cloud critical thinking of children with blanket statements like- ALL elders are Gods, don’t question relatives & teachers etc. When these very trusted elders breach a boundary, the child is confused cos they have been taught that these older people can do no wrong!  By the time this is noticed, it’s too late, sometimes even a life is lost.


Same goes with the concept of ‘strangers’. Children need to be categorically trained on who is family and who isnt. The fact that they should never accept gift or food from a stranger could save a life. Nobody they know even if immediate next door neighbor can pick them up from school unless a parent has specified, no teacher can touch them uncomfortably and most importantly- build a relationship of trust with your children so that they can confide in you should they feel threatened.


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Stay Aware, Stay Safe.