Stop Using Children For Likes! #AAH

There is this recent news about a minor girl actor where it is being alleged that her mother is giving her hormonal shots so she looks more grown up and can get more roles quicker. No idea whether it’s true or false but this is a very common phenomenon we see on social media where the parents are absolutely exploiting their kids for likes, validation or even money.


A little child has no idea if you are making them dance to a vulgar number, making them wear obscene age-inappropriate clothes. They are being pushed to perform for ambitions of their parents!


Parents don’t seem to fully understand they are pushing kids into a pattern of emotional fulfillment via stranger’s validation, they are snatching away their childhood, impacting their mental health. Tomorrow if that child doesn’t get same attention, they will have a tough time. When they are able to read the negative comments, it will be scarring and when competition rises, cuter kids, more virality, that is it, they will be faced with doom!


Stop please! They don’t need to do item numbers, mouth vulgar or communal dialogues! Your own hunger for fame, money, power, likes is running their innocence.


Are you aware that there is a whole dark world online where pedophiles might be watching your child? Have you ever heard of digital kidnapping, so easy to steal your child’s identity and them mine, pretend to be them? Making them vulnerable to grooming online or even physical assault on ground since you have anyways revealed all information including school, pattern, routine!


Let kids be kids. Let there be moderation. Don’t rush their growth, don’t try to live your ambitions via them.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!








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Stay Aware, Stay Safe.