Stop these 4 things now in Corona #AAH


This is an important message about internet usage right now in times of Corona lockdown.


Please note carefully the 4 things you should absolutely stop right away!


Sharing unverified news, sharing hate filled messages or messages that incite violence, sharing unsolicited sexual messages or forwarding morphed images is an absolute no-no!



Do not share unverified news. That’s the biggest disservice as it spreads false information & creates panic. It is also punishable. Currently in lockdown particularly, if you are unsure of it’s authenticity, do not even forward the news.



Please remember that even if you are not the creator of any such news, you can still be punished for simply forwarding it.



All police helplines are working and they are keeping a strict watch on misinformation, harassment on social media. Don’t do anything that puts you in conflict with the law.


If there is anything else you would like us to address, please feel free to reach out and we will help you.


Please stay home, it’s for your own safety.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.