Stop Posting Too Many Children’s Pictures On Social Media! #AAH

Parents today are obsessed with sharing children’s pictures on social media.

So many parents are putting videos making children do some obscene moves on Bollywood songs, not suitable for their age. It seems that often parents are doing it for their own validation.


Dear parents, do you not know your child is cute, talented or worthy? You need strangers to tell you that?


Let’s talk about a few things that can happen if you post these continuous pictures of children:


  1. Your post can lead to bullying. Kids can get bullied by their classmates, online bullying, they don’t deserve it
  2. In fact your social media posts can impact your child’s future. Google algorithms & digital footprints are unforgiving. Parents need to think about how potential employers may react to finding certain sensitive childhood moments on social media.
  3. Risk for Digital Kidnapping- Digital kidnapping is a type of identity theft. It occurs when someone takes photos of a child from social media and repurposes them with new names and identities, often claiming the child as their own. Baby role players create accounts on social media sites to post stolen photos along with captions that give false details about the child in the photos. Sometimes the stranger impersonates the childby responding to comments as the child or from the child’s point-of-view. There are pornographic sites of children are pictures of real kids that are taken offline and photoshopped or otherwise retouched. – Referenced from Google


Reminder- “Any time a picture is shared digitally on social media, you should assume that it could get out of your control,”


  1. You might be addicting your child to social media!! They may want to take more pictures, see more “likes”! They are impressionable.


  1. 4- Now let’s talk about super serious consequences. We are unaware of online watchers/ predators. There are people with criminal tendencies as well. You don’t know who takes fancy to your child. When you share which school they go to, name, age, play group, buddies- assaulting, kidnapping is not difficult!


5- There are stories on unbelievable cruelty on children including murders when the information about them was put online


  • Put occasionally
  • Don’t share patterns- school etc
  • Especially be mindful of baby pictures, they are helpless, they are vulnerable

Ofcourse teach kids critical thinking so that they are not sweet talked aby anyone


Stay strong, stay aware, stay safe. Please mask up.








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