Stop cyber bullying!  #AAH

This is an important video.


Please watch & understand why we need to stop cyber bullying!






When we say mean things to others online, we cant see the terrible effect its having on the other person. It can cause the same pain as physical injury. It can even push people into depression, anxiety & more. Please watch & understand therefore that cyber bullying is dangerous. Stop cyber bullying of all age groups, all genders!


In one year alone, cyberbullying of Indian women and teenagers rose by 36%




Hiding behind anonymous handles and commenting on people’s looks, family, threatening them is not alright! Social media does not show us the full picture. May be someone is already going through a tough time, may be they are not well or even anxious. They may not be able to handle your mean comments and take drastic steps. Therefore, we need to stop cyber bullying immediately!



Also, when you bully professionals, they may not want to come back & engage online, it definitely has impact on our country’s growth & shrinks career prospects.


In extreme cases, it might lead to suicidal thoughts, isolation, mental imbalance, loss of appetite and more


What are the other impacts of Cyber bullying?


Kids who are bullied are more likely than those who aren’t to experience depression and anxiety, health complaints, and decreased academic achievement

Young people who bully others are more likely to abuse alcohol, have criminal convictions as adults, and be abusive toward future partners.

We need to therefore immediately stop cyber bullying!

Only 11% of teens talked to their parents about cyberbullying incidents





Its not just enough to speak up against bullying, it’s also important that we report these cases. If we don’t take these cases to authorities, we embolden the perpetrators who might get more & more aggressive in their behavior leading to drastic outcomes. Let us all come together & stop cyber bullying!


There are several studies around the subject for India. Some of them reveal shocking statistics:


Parents are aware of kids being cyber bullied reported that in a survey of parents and adults across Asia, 79% reported that either their child or a child they know had been threatened with physical harm while playing online games. (Source in hyperlink)


According to Bullying Statistics, most teenagers (over 80%) now use a mobile device regularly, opening them up to new avenues for bullying, and half of all young adults have faced cyberbullying in some form.

(Source in hyperlink)


These are extremely distressing statistics that should initiate our collective action to stop cyber bullying!

Indian Children Most Cyber-Bullied in the World



Children don’t report cyber bullying!

Around 9.2% of 630 adolescents surveyed in Delhi-National Capital Region had experienced cyberbullying and half of them had not reported it to teachers, guardians or the social media companies concerned



“Cyberbullying में शामिल है – किसी की जासूसी करना, पहचान चुराना, गलत पोस्ट डाल कर टैग करना, धमकी देना, अश्लील बातो के लिए उकसाना या ब्लैकमेल करना.”



अक्सर लोग एनोनिमस हैंडल्स के पीछे चुप कर अश्लील या दुःख पहुंचाने वाली बातें बहुत आसानी से कर देते हैं


आपकी टिप्पणी का क्या असर हो रहा है शायद आप वह देख न सकें परन्तु ऐसी बातों से उतनी ही गहरी मानसिक चोट पहुँचती है जैसे की किसी और दुर्घटना में घायल होने पे हो!


हमें कोई हक़ नहीं की हम किसी को उनकी भाषा, वेश भूषा, खान पान, पारिवारिक स्तिथि या कोई भी बात को ले कर ऐसे दुःख पहुचायें जिस से वो बेबस होकर शायद कोई गलत कदम भी उठा सकते है। उस वक़्त आप ही उस हादसे के लिए जिम्मेदार होंगे


साइबर बुल्ल्यिंग का सबसे बुरा प्रभाव बच्चो और युवाओं पे पड़ता है और भारत में रिसर्च में यह सामने आया है को बच्चे तो अपने परिवार को ज़्यादातर इस के बारें में बताते भी नहीं क्यूंकि वह इतना दुखी या डर जातें हैं,


हम सबको साइबर बुल्ल्यिंग के खिलाफ मिलकर आवाज़ उठानी है और इस मुहीम में हम आपके साथ हैं


जय हिन्द, जय भारत


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.



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