Spot & Report Domestic Violence #AAH


India is witnessing a massive surge in second wave of Covid19 currently. Amongst many of its aftermath is also the problem of domestic violence victims who are trapped with their monsters. How do we spot & report domestic violence? Let’s learn.


First things first- before you extend help for any such victim- be extremely careful. Situation can backfire despite your best intention. Abuser might become further violent & agitated. Always listen to the victim, be mindful of their state of anxiety. We do not know the emotional state of someone suffering through the torture so don’t judge them


Violence can be against any gender, against any age group & by own parents as well. It takes from of physical, emotional, financial abuse,


However if you are witness to violence first hand, you have to immediately inform the police without any delay. Especially where children and elderly are involved, delay can lead to loss of life.


Watch this important video & learn how to spot & report domestic violence.

Stay strong, stay aware, stay safe. Please mask up.









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