Social Media Triggers Holiday Depression #AAH

This topic is especially relevant since it’s the time of festivals, family, holidays, new year and travel. We open any social media and there are pictures- gorgeous, perfect, shiny, glam photos of parties, people, make up, jewellery, food, yachts, flights, luxury, children, pets- oh so happy, isn’t it?!


Sometimes you begin to doubt if you are the only one having challenges in your life, it’s depressing to think that you might in fact be inadequate, not a performer, underachiever, or that you aren’t good looking like others, not married, there’s no end to these downward spiralling thoughts, where does it stop??


Please know that majority of these perfect looking lives are anything but perfect. Nobody posts their domestic unhappiness, failures or sadness. Couples biting each other’s heads off post pictures like they are soulmates, next week we know they are divorced or if you remember the case of a very successful model who posted a glamorous happy picture and found dead by suicide 24 hours later!


Social media is a carousel of perfectly fake lives. Platforms like Instagram are built to trigger our insecurities as if we are behind in some manner. Be careful. You only know what is being projected not the real struggles, challenges of real people. I know of so many entrepreneurs who are going through so much sadness, isolation but on social media- they are all about long blogs on motivation, happy parties.


It’s like a one-way mirror, you can’t see what’s not shown.


You can watch, admire, appreciate the beauty on social media but please don’t be fooled into thinking that every life is perfect except yours. Especially around festivals and holidays it can trigger a lot of sadness.


Few simple tips that can be helpful:


  • Restrict your time on social media- how much is too much? An hour, two?
  • Mute any words that trigger anxiety, if you have suffered any personal loss or have memories attached to particular times- go ahead mute the words or even such handles
  • Don’t forget to exercise every day, even if it’s a walk or standing up while working. We often underestimate the benefits of it.
  • Get some sun, even 15/20 minutes is an instant mood lifter
  • Keep it real. Count your blessings every single day. Write down 3 things that you are thankful for, as simple as a good cup of tea or even waking up!
  • Writing helps pour emotions out. Instead of reaching out to your phone or social media first thing in the morning, try thanking and thinking of things you are grateful for
  • Ask for help. None of us make it on our own. There’s a reason we are social beings, we are meant to live with each other. Lean on someone you trust.

You are wonderful the way you are, you are amazing, you matter! Don’t be fooled by these perfectly fake lives!

Please do watch the video for detailed safety tips.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!







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