Should Kids Be Allowed To Use Smartphones? #AAH




Vikram Ahuja, Director- Euro International School, answers this most important question- should kids be allowed to use smartphones?


Vikram Ahuja runs a couple of schools & in his rich experience he has seen impact of technology in various aspects. He shares how balance of any resource in life is important. It’s like a choice of eating every nutritional food in decent quantity.



Should kids be allowed to use smartphones- we asked Vikram Ahuja. In a very simple and pragmatic way he explained that technology is a wonderful thing and it’s use for the purpose fo knowledge gaining is great for teachers as well.


However, when smartphones are handed over to young kids without proper supervision then it’s a problem. Parents might sometimes be too busy to monitor what the child is doing online. That’s unfair to the kid as they may not even know if there’s content they should not be consuming.


Parents & teachers are biggest influencers in a child’s life. If both of these sets hand hold, gently guide the child, internet can be a boundless source of knowledge for everyone. Therefore the question is not should kids be allowed to use smartphones. Question is how much effort we are investing in teaching the kids how to use the smartphones.


Please listen to Vikram Ahuja who is a senior educator & has valuable suggestions for teachers & parents alike.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.


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