Our Take On Aradhya Bachchan Case #AAH

As is our advise always on use of social media & exposure to it for children, we reiterate that Moderation in use of #SocialMedia especially by children is important for their #Mentalhealth.  Stop encouraging them to seek validation from strangers.


Specific to Aradhya Bachchan case where she moved High Court to have defaming & false information about her health removed, the court ruled in her favor and ordered removal of such content including videos  speculating on her health. About time media & social media influencers conducted themselves responsibly. Spreading misinformation especially about little children can have very distressing and long term impact on their mind.


Here are few links to the news-






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The New Indian Express- LINK


Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat