Big thank you to all of you who have relentlessly supported, listened & shared our podcast. This is just the beginning. 

When I started, I was told that nobody will listen to cyber safety This is an important conversation & it’s time is now! Today there’s unbelievable engagement, I am told that it has set new milestones for the category itself. I Delighted that you have started demanding content in different languages, asking questions, wanting information, sending me case studies, referring victims.

I am immensely thankful especially to the Indian Police who came together & put their might behind this! Thank you for trusting me, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will continue to be the bridge between authorities & general population to the best of my ability.

And all you lovely friends who have relentlessly shared & sent me 100s of messages of support, I cant thank you enough.
Fortunate to be in a position to be of some help & purpose to this country. Please do continue believing. We have a long way to go together!!

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