No escape for offenders- warns Sai Krishna, Superintendent Of Police (MP)!


Sai Krishna tells us to understand very clearly that there is no escape from police if you misbehave on the internet. No veil of anonymity can save you. All those thinking that they can create anonymous accounts and their location will never be found but that’s a misconception. Every single id can be traced, every id can be connected to the person operating it.



Sai Krishna also shares that reporting of crimes has become easier. There are various options where you can report via websites, helplines, whatsapp and more. All such information is available on Google for your own state. Which clearly means that there is no escape for offenders!


Lastly, he talks about how there is no better service to nation than joining the force. Police is an enriching experience that gives you an opportunity to actively participate in nation building, protecting people & helping in growth of India


Listen to him & be inspired!