Another training of Mumbai Police & another amazing feedback from the attendees.  impact of cybercrime litigation training conducted by ‘Akancha Srivastava Foundation’ for Mumbai Police on March 13th, 2024 at the office of Additional Commissioner of Police, South Mumbai. This was supported by SBI Foundation.


Since cybercrime is ever evolving, even the application of different sections and laws are constantly shifting. Newer modus operandi requires smarter psychological analysis. Our laws do cover every single aspect of crimes/punishment but their combination is varying. Plus, the TRAI act is equally important while filing these cases.


Lots of pertinent questions were asked by the attendees which showed their keenness to learn. They also requested us for follow up trainings, which we will be happy to conduct.

Was wonderful to get glowing feedback from the attending officers. As you can see, they wish that we conduct such regular trainings, which we will be glad to.



Advocate Pankaj Bafna Sir, a well-respected cybercrime law expert, having a rich practical experience of arguing hundreds of cybercrime related cases at Mumbai High court graciously shared all the loopholes that the law enforcement needs to close so that the accused doesn’t get away.


Advocate Pankaj Bafna Sir shared several cases in recent times where owing to the missing details at documentation level, noting the right sections cos of which it becomes easier for the accused to get relief or makes it harder for the victim to get justice.


Please do watch the testimonials of attendees on how this training will help them practically in their duties. We have been requested a series of such trainings for more personnel which we are happy to conduct, including new topics as requested by the officers present. We are also keen to conduct SOP trainings for the investigating officers as they are the key point of contacts for receiving victim complaints.



We are glad that the Foundation of our country’s largest bank – SBI, that serves over one fourth of banking population of India all by itself believes that cyber security is a critical topic for one and all, especially for banks, customers.



Our thanks to the very polite, professional, friendly Mumbai Police for doing what they do 24×7 to keep financial capital of our country safe. We thank you for this gigantic responsibility that you fulfil with a smile.


Hope to continue such police- public partnership as we have been doing for last 7 years.

Special thanks to Additional Commissioner Sir of Western Region for the opportunity

Stay Aware, Stay Safe


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!





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‘Akancha Against Harassment’ is India’s largest social impact initiative against cyber harassment. It was founded by Miss Akancha Srivastava in February 2017. It’s a not-for-profit Section 8 organization.

Honorary Board of advisors

Foundation’s advisory board hosts – Former Special DGP RK Vij (Chattisgarh), ADG Navniet Sekera (Uttar Pradesh), ADG Krishna Prakash (Maharashtra), Dr Poonam Verma (Principal- SSCBS, Delhi University)

Goals of this initiative

The initiative aims at Education, Empowerment & Bridging of general population with the authorities.

Support of the Indian Police for the initiative

Bridging is the most unique attribute of the initiative. We have a host of over 70+ senior police officers from across the country supporting us in content & awareness drive.

This unique strength helps us address any victim complaints that come to us as well as inform people about various measures of law enforcement across the country.

Multilingual AI Chat helpline for cyber safety

We run India’s only functional private national multilingual AI chat helpline for cyber safety. This helpline is currently available in Hindi & English on our website. It can be accessed from any internet enabled device. You can chat here anonymously, fearlessly.