Mohit Chauhan Comes On Board As A Mentor

We are delighted to have Mohit Chauhan join us in the mentor panel. His expertise in banking & related financial fields has been an asset for us in the last few years when has advised us continuously as a friend and proven to be an excellent sound board for the cause.

We also take Mohit’s take on our communication designs seriously. It gives us a different perspective on how the content is being consumed by public at large, especially in corporate or those who may or may not be paying active attention to the topic on a daily basis.

Profile– Mohit is a senior transaction banking leader & professional with 16+ years of Sales & Product management experience across multinational banks in India. He is currently assuming the role of Associate Director & Regional head of Transaction Banking Sales with BNP Paribas India and with his team, works closely with corporates to identify and address efficiency items in their operating flows viz Cash Management, Trade Finance, Supply Chain and Transaction-Digitalization.

Prior to this, he has worked with banks like DBS, Deutsche and HSBC which have been at the forefront of technological evolution of banking in India. As a career transaction banker, Mohit has been involved in the transformation initiatives across the roles, in line with the vision of corporate India.

By the virtue of his line of work, he has been a close-quarter participant in the digital-revolution that the country is experiencing and is personally a huge fan of P2E (Paper to Electronic).

Digitalization is very close to his heart and thus whether in his work or in his personal ecosystem, he has been a vocal change-agent to make people get comfortable with this new world order where most of what we do, will have an incrementally greater mix of online vis a vis offline. While this shift is supremely rewarding, the downsides are also incumbent and thus the vision of a safer cyber-world for everyone is at the very fulcrum of his endeavors. He is an ardent admirer of data-led leadership & decision-making and truly believes that technology is going to be the biggest differentiator in future. Another paradigm that he is keenly observing and is intrigued by is Sustainability and is consistently thinking of ways to integrate the same in business and personal prerogatives.

Mohit is reasonably well-read and equally curious about the country and global landscape, be it economic, technological, geopolitical or literary. In between the work routine, he prefers to read, travel and work towards holistic fitness.

We thank Mohit for join us in our efffort to build a safer online space for everyone at Akancha Srivastava Foundation. Stronger Together

Jai Bharat, Jai HInd