Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj says that men have suffered due to false accusations & about time they be heard!

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is a journalist, documentary film maker and men’s right activist.




Deepika spoke to us about her spirited fight for men’s rights in the country. She is passionate, firm & well enlightened on this subject. She says that somehow in any given circumstances, women are believed quite easily & men are guilty until proven innocent.


She questions if “Kya mard ko dard nahi hota? Do men not hurt, not get depressed? Do their families not get destroyed when facing fake accusations?”


It’s a question that all of us need to think hard about! False sexual harassment cases have devastated many a lives. In the infamous Rohtak sisters case or the recent Sarvjeet case, it is quite evident that false accusations are really easy to voice but it takes a lifetime for the accused to fight back.


In one of her interviews, Deepika said:

“Gender equality cannot and should not be about rights of women alone. If rapists should be named and shamed, women who file false cases should be named and shamed as well. If men who perpetrate domestic violence, demand dowry, molest or rape women should be called out, female perpetrators of similar crimes should be booked and called out too.


If media enthusiastically reports crimes against women by men, it should show the same concern for crimes against men by women. If we constantly talk about maintaining dignity, respect and honour of a woman, we need to think about the dignity, respect and honour of a man too.


The silence of society, media and lawmakers towards issues that men face is slowly and steadily fuelling a great amount of unrest. It is also encouraging women to think that they can get away with any lies against a man or harassment of a man. Men are not disposable or collateral damage that should be sacrificed at the altar of the idea of protecting women. They are as human as women.


Talking about their rights is as important as that of women. #MenToo is as important as #MeToo”


We agree with equal rights for all genders. All accusations should be dealt with in a fair manner in accordance with law, based on evidence. Its also terribly unfair to dole out social media justice. Please don’t be vigilantes for every story you hear there. Our job is to point it to investigating authorities and that is The Indian Police.


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