Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota! #AAH

Across the world & especially in India, we need to start accepting that often men are victims of serious crimes too. Somehow, we have been conditioned to believe that men cant feel any pain, how can they ever be victims, they are strong, they have no emotions.


Mard ko dard nahi hota!- A social conditioning that needs to change very quickly. We live and learn better. Today we understand that we are all human beings and experience same emotions. Infact this pressure on men to always


Men are ashamed of reporting crimes since they fear being ridiculed for appearing weak. Such conditioning is deep set in our mind right from childhood. This will have to change for society to expect fair treatment of all genders- men, women, LGBTQ and every one of every age.


In reality, many male domestic violence victims suffer in silence. Despite men being often much larger physically than their partners, many consistently fail to report being physically abused. Such “non-traditional” intimate partner violence happens more frequently than people think. There is nothing legally or physically that prevents a much larger man from being victimized by a smaller partner. The size differential, unfortunately, often only makes him more unwilling to report it.


For most of the men seeking help have a negative emotional impact. They found that most of the male victims reportedly experienced gender-stereotyped treatment from professionals and services, and that seeking formal help frequently led to secondary victimization in the form of statements or behavior that could cause them further distress. In fact, seeking formal help itself had a negative impact on well-being, aggravating their victimization.


Silenced by Social Stigma

Regarding societal expectations, men are viewed as “unacceptable” marital violence victims, recognizing that such a designation could be considered a “social taboo.” They also note male reluctance to view themselves as victims stems from considering their complaints to be a major weakness.



Cyber stalking & Cyber harassment


Definitely women & girls face such crimes far more. However, this does not mean that men aren’t victims of these crimes. Even simpler example is that sometimes we see that men get abused online by women but a man can never retaliate as it can means end of his career, marriage and more. Man is automatically held guilty upon accusation and then he has to prove his innocence. I am not saying they are not guilty but sometimes they might even be innocent. False cases have even led to suicides!!


We receive many complaints from men but the first request always is- Maam please don’t reveal our identity otherwise everyone will laugh at us.

Lets allow men to express themselves as well.


Changing Perspectives and Positive Directions


When abuse involves physical violence, battered men do not report the abuse out of fear that they would be “laughed at, humiliated, or reversely accused of being the abuser due to a belief that men are physically capable of fighting back when being challenged.”

There’s a need for law enforcement and victim assistance groups to meet the unique issues faced by male victims, and continue to refine the availability of specialized services tailored to provide assistance to this underreported victim group. This in turn will increase public awareness of the problem, and hopefully minimize the adverse effects of stigmatisation or fear, promoting public safety for everyone.

We are also gender friendly. Please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us.

Remember that gender neutrality is the future. Equal opportunities, equal laws, equal processes.

Watch the video & so share your views with us. Stay Aware, Stay Safe.


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!






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‘Akancha Against Harassment’ is India’s largest social impact initiative against cyber harassment. It was founded by Miss Akancha Srivastava in February 2017. Its a not-for-profit Section 8 organization.

Honorary Board of advisors

Foundation’s advisory board hosts – Former Special DGP RK Vij (Chattisgarh), ADG Navniet Sekera (Uttar Pradesh), Special IG Krishna Prakash (Maharashtra), Dr Poonam Verma (Principal- SSCBS, Delhi University)

Goals of this initiative

The initiative aims at Education, Empowerment & Bridging of general population with the authorities.

Support of the Indian Police for the initiative

Bridging is the most unique attribute of the initiative. We have a host of over 65+ senior police officers from across the country supporting us in content & awareness drive.

This unique strength helps us address any victim complaints that come to us as well as inform people about various measures of law enforcement across the country.

Multilingual AI Chat helpline for cyber safety

We run India’s only private national multilingual AI chat helpline for cyber safety. This helpline is currently available in Hindi & English on our website. It can be accessed from any internet enabled device. You can chat here anonymously, fearlessly.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe.