Let’s Fight Revenge Pornography #AAH



Akancha Srivastava, Founder of ‘Akancha Against Harassment’ shares important tips to help you fight revenge pornography.


“Revenge pornography is the distribution of sexually explicit images or videos of individuals without their consent.[1] The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner in an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without their knowledge. The possession of the material may be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, to punish them for ending the relationship, or to silence them.”

Source- Wikipedia


This can be a very traumatic experience for the victim as there is huge societal shame associated with it. There is fear of being shamed in front of immediate family too. This often leads to blackmail where a victim is silenced into actions against their will or even ransom is demanded.


Let’s learn how to fight revenge pornography.


Firstly, never ever store intimate of compromising pictures/ video on any tech device or cloud. Any such data can fall into the hands of hackers. Prevention in better than cure. Therefore, first step to fight revenge pornography is to avoid storing such data on devices.



Secondly, even if you took such pictures when you were in a relationship giving your consent, please remember that you didn’t give consent to electronically distribute it. Any person indulging in such an act is an offender who should be punished.


While we know that its extremely stressful to fight revenge pornography, if you don’t fight it, the same offender will get emboldened and threaten more people leading to dangerous outcomes. You need to take a loved one into confidence, report to the police. It’s the offender who has breached your trust, you did nothing wrong. Stand up & fight revenge pornography. We are here to help you.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.





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