Internet safety tips for elderly #AAH



Interesting internet safety tips lesson from Hansa Majithia (64 years old)- a grandmother, home maker & an active society member.


She says that we often pay too much attention to negative news which is not good for our peace of mind. We should not share sensational news or without verifying. It’s not good to rush & fall for fake news online. This is an important internet safety tip for elderly.


Our guest also warns against overexposing our lives online. She expresses her concern over people flooding social media with intimate personal details, pictures that can make them vulnerable.


Hansa Majithia stresses the importance of using time wisely & worries over kids who might be playing games for long period of time, affecting their focus & sleep duration.


Amongst other internet safety tips for elderly, she mentions that we need to be careful of what data we are exchanging online as everything can be decrypted and your valuable information can be leaked. This is an important internet safety tip for elderly as they might even pass on their passwords or other sensitive information over messages.



Our guest shares various positive uses of the internet like keeping in touch with your family, connecting with grandchildren, learning new recipes, showcasing talent, being informed and more.


Do watch this interesting safety tips for the elderly- from an elderly.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.


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