In our Independence special podcast IG Navniet Sekera Sir says- be the change!


Inspector General of Police (Uttar Pradesh)- Navniet Sekera Sir says that we need to be the change we want to see in the world.

IG Navniet Sekera Sir talks about how everyone has to come together to do our bit. It is easy to criticize but change can only come when every single citizen will do their own bit of contribution. World is changed by setting good example.


IG Navniet Sekera narrates his favorite story where a little boy talks about making a difference to one life at a time. Similarly, we need to focus on whatever little change we can make, even if its not very large. If each one can change a single life, it will make the world a better place.  Be the change, says Sir.


In response to a question about women safety, IG Navniet Sekera Sir talks about a 20% reservation for women in Uttar Pradesh Police. He also mentions that though there are lot of desirable changes that need to be made, India is a democracy that gives opportunities & freedom to all genders for their growth.


Sekera Sir also shares a very interesting example of a police station where officers were given strict instructions to be polite, never use harsh language and deal with calmness. He tells us that soon people began to complain that these officers were no good, that they didn’t know how to handle toughened criminals, perpetrators don’t understand politeness.


Sekera Sir gave this example to make a point about changing society as a whole. Police is a reflection of our society. When we will change every aspect of our behavior, thinking, ideology, education only then the police reforms will also be meaningful.


IG नवनीत सिकेरा (उत्तर प्रदेश पुलिस) कहते हैं की हम खुद को बदलेंगे तो देश और समाज बदलेगा


अपनी एक पसंदीदा कहानी सुनते हुए वह इस बात को दर्शाते हैं की चाहे कितना ही छोटा योगदान क्यों न हो परन्तु वह किसी की ज़िन्दगी बदल सकता है, अगर यह बात हर नागरिक, हर बच्चा यह समझ जाये तो दुनिया ही बदल जाएगी


हम सब एक दुसरे से उम्मीद रखते है की अगला कुछ बेहतर करे मगर यह भूल जाते हैं की समाज और देश के प्रति कर्त्तव्य पालन हम सब की नैतिक जिम्मेदारी है

सुनिए सिकेरा सर की आवाज़ में यह हमारा खास एपिसोड

जय हिन्द, जय भारत !


IG Navniet Sekera Sir’s Bio:


With 24 meritorious years in the Indian Police Force, he is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, went to do MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad & has always been in news for his innovative application of technology for various aspects of policing. He also accepted the Digital excellence award for citizen service in 2017.


One of his most celebrated contributions is his leadership of 1090 Women Power helpline in Uttar Pradesh. Under the leadership of IG Navniet Sekera Sir, this case study of a helpline handled more than 1.4 crore calls from across 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh during his leadership. Leading a service for a state that is as big as being world’s 5th largest country, was a remarkable feat.


IG Navniet Sekera also inspired a recent MXPlayer web series called- ‘Bhaukaal’ which features his brave journey of last 2 decades & what makes him one of the most loved & respected IPS officers of our country.


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!






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