Hyderabad police encounter, a solution? Asks Akancha Srivastava!

What happened?

In November 2019, the gang rape and murder of a 26-year-old veterinary doctor in Shamshabad, near Hyderabad, sparked outrage across India.[1] Her body was found in Shadnagar on 28 November 2019, the day after she was murdered. Four suspects were arrested and, according to the Cyberabad Metropolitan Police, confessed to having raped and killed the doctor.[2]

On December All four accused were killed in an “encounter“, a term used in India for killings by police, at around 3:30 am IST on 6 December 2019, under a bridge on Bangalore Hyderabad national highway, prompting accusations of extrajudicial execution.


(Source- Wikipedia)

Akancha Srivastava has a strong view point on this method of justice. She believes that police encounters are NOT a solution. In fact, many innocents will get killed if this becomes a norm. The four accused were yet to get convicted!

Unfair Pressure On Police

Akancha says that since people don’t really see judges or lawyers but they see police everywhere, their expectations are from police. Their anger is also directed towards them.

But, its not the job of police to give justice. That’s the job of judiciary! Police are not assassins. They are law enforcement Agency.

Why was the encounter celebrated?

Akancha cites example of Nirbhaya case where the victim’s mother has been running around for 7 years to get justice!! That brutal crime shook our country but the rapists are yet to get a harsh punishment. When general population reads this for 7 long years, they lose faith in the judiciary.

What is the solution?

According to Akancha, at the very foundation in the need for education. Teach children at a very young age about sexual education, sexual crime prevention, respect, consequences of actions.


There also needs to be a surety of punishment. At the very first offense even if its cat calling, stalking, the offender needs to be punished, no matter how small the punishment. Once he gets out, there should be a proper rehabilitation. When series of crimes are not punished, it emboldens the criminal.


Faster registration of police complaints, filing Zero FIRs across police stations, fast track courts, scientific investigations, conviction & harsh punishments- Akancha says that these are long term changes that are needed. No amount of quick fix solutions are going to work.


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Support of Indian police for the initiative

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