How I Filed FIR With Mumbai Police #AAH


This is my personal account how I filed FIR with Mumbai Police.


First things first- nobody is immune to crimes. Just cos I work in collaboration with the Police doesn’t mean no crime will happen with me. It just means I understand the processes better & I know how to get complaints filed.


So, I wanted to share an experience with you on what happened when I wanted to file an FIR. Maybe you will learn something from my experience. Maybe it will address some confusion or misunderstandings.


About 2 weeks ago, I faced an issue which concerned me. Note- at that time I didn’t try to investigate the issue cos I am not police. I gathered facts, noted the sequence of events, made sure that I collected all evidence as I could from years ago, in a proper manner.


Despite it being a long day, I was really tired, but the matter was really bothering me so I went to the police station closest to my residence to file the complaint. It was late in the evening, I considered going next day but it’s like choosing to go to a doctor is there is a health issue which needs immediate attention.


When I reached the station, it was buzzing with action, night patrol was bringing in some mischievous elements from close by areas, potential trouble makers. There was a lot of activity, I requested to meet the station in charge and explained everything to him quickly.


I was soon directed to a Police Sub Inspector / PSI to me who then proceeded to start the process of filing a formal complaint. This was a rather long process. I had to first explain the entire sequence of events several times over to the PSI, show the evidence of screenshots, emails, messages. The cyber officers were also called in and I repeated myself many times over but always remembering that they are simply trying to understanding everything clearly. Many questions were asked. Even if they looked too simple or unrelated to me, I answered them patiently.


By this time, it was late in the evening around 9/930 pm. We started the process of registering the complaint. Since I stay in Mumbai, the FIR was being recorded in Marathi. If you don’t understand the local language, don’t worry, they will always explain it to you.


I noticed that though many petty theft criminals were being brought in, there was no swearing, cursing or violence. They were being lined up and asked for their details to be recorded and one personnel was documenting the incidents.


There were some women walking in to the station at that hour as well. I overheard one of them who was complaining about dispute/ argument with her husband. Women looked absolutely comfortable, safe in that station. Their body language showed that they totally fine meeting police at that hour and believed that they will get help. That was a heartening experience. Even I felt comfortable though it was past 1130 pm now while we continued to record the complaint.



All evidence was sequentially arranged. The print out was given to me to read it over and ensure it was in order, the IPC sections included were explained to me, I was asked additional questions to ensure no relevant sections are being left out. I confirmed the facts, asked for clarification on a few points post which the formal FIR copy was printed out.


I signed on all the four copies, my investigation officer signed on them too and handed over a copy to me. I inquired about the next steps and when I could expect an update, who would be the contact point, phone numbers etc. They shared all the steps and contact information without any hesitation.


At the end of it all, I had spent almost 4 hours at the station, 3 of which were spent in just recording statement, formally registering complaint, repeating the sequence, showing all evidence on my phone as well and reconfirming the same in print, signing all evidence.


I was tired, it was post-midnight but I must say I came out feeling proud of the country I stay in. Not even for a minute did I face any awkwardness.


I think it’s usually hearsay that misinforms the public. Knowing you rights, processes and first-hand experience is something very different. Cooperation is also expected from victims. Sharing evidence, call records, proofs, it’s your duty to submit and explain without frustration.


Investigation also takes time. There are processes police need to follow, several different departments and outside agencies need to collaborate to find solutions. Don’t expect magic, give it time. Keep following up. They have other priorities too. So, this is how I filed FIR with the Mumbai Police.


My case investigation is on. Will keep you posted.


Thank you Mumbai Police, my police!



Stay Aware, Stay Safe!



Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!







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