Spoke to this awesome lot of students at the VNIT Engineering College, Nagpur. I shared the 3 lessons that shaped my life.

The 3 lessons were:

1) Life doesnt work in a straight line. You have to be like a river- flowing, taking turns, shaping your path.

2) Opportunities often come cloaked in traumas. Observe what a painful experience is trying to teach you. Then, you can either play victim or get up & do something about it.

3) It’s your responsibility to leave this world a little better every single day, in anyway you choose.


Until we have children begging at street lights, people dying cos they dont have a hundred bucks for treatment- we are not really progressing. And if you think that it doesn’t impact you in any way or its not your concern, you are mistaken. It’s the butterfly effect. Tears of one child will drown us all. It will affect you, your loved ones, all of us- in ways you cant imagine.

Each one reading this has the super power of education. Please use it responsibly, share it widely, do your bit.
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