Good Touch Vs Bad Touch Online #AAH

This is such a vast & important topic that we keep talking about it pretty often. We are becoming more and more technology dependent and children are also using it more and more for the study is therefore this topic of good touch versus bad touch, especially online, is extremely important.


It’s also important to discuss the importance of teaching, critical thinking, specially to small children. It means right is right and wrong is wrong. Even if somebody known to them makes them feel uncomfortable, It is not correct. It could be a teacher, parent neighbor, grandparents, cousin, shopkeepers -anybody in the world. If the child is not comfortable then it is wrong.


However, in India we see that sometimes we confuse small children we teach them that all elders or gods we teach them not to back answer or not to question elders so should something go wrong., child is confused whether they should tell their parents. In an overwhelming majority of sexual assaults of minors somebody known to them is involved which means it starts from a place of trust .


We need to teach kids that we are not to accept any friend requests from people who are not their immediate known friends, not from elders, not from far of relatives, not from the parents’ offices. Secondly, if somebody sends them anything obscene or something objectionable, not to get scared, they should be able to explain it to their parents confide in their parents. You have to build a relationship of trust with your child so that they come to you first.


Now sometimes intelligent children, curious children might make a mistake- they might end up browsing website content which is not appropriate for their age. Good children make some bad decisions at times and we should be able to forgive them for it. Nobody is perfect. If they do end up browsing any such site which is not appropriate for them, which has any kind of sexually explicit data or violent data they should be able to come to you and share without fear that they made a mistake and you without losing your cool. Should be able to explain to them. Why it’s not good for their mental health as well as report those sites if You Are the one of those parents who gets extremely upset with the child and begins to scream and shout, and  not able to forgive them then the child is not going to come to you to confide.


Let’s also talk about training of children not to be abusive towards others. Train children not to send any objectionable content to another person online not to abuse public personalities not to create any content which is hateful, objectionable or which can disturb or harass another person online. These are values which family needs to give to the kids so that  they are responsible netizens.


Watch the video for more tips. Stay Aware, Stay Safe.



Jai Bharat, Jai Hind!


Stay Aware, Stay Safe. Stay happy!







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