Father’s Worries About Social Media! #AAH

Vinay Singhal is the Co- Founder of – STAGE ( World’s only dialect based app), so a successful entrepreneur, adored brother & son and most recently has been blessed with the responsibility of being a father.

Vinay shares his sincere concerns about how children are being over exposed on social media, even without any consent and often without active participation. As a young father, he has valid fears over security of little children especially with paedophiles, criminals on the prowl on the internet. One can’t even begin to imagine the kind of unfortunate incidents that may occur in our over eagerness to post pictures of little babies.

Vinay makes a critical point of all this online exposure of the child without any active consent from them but it’s the child who has to live with it’s impact forever. Whether its bullying at school, admission denial at certain colleges, rejection of visa, loss of job etc. Remember digital footprints remain online forever.

As the child grows up they will likely get addicted to this social media validation and wanting praise from strangers. This could definitely get toxic progressively, leading to depression, unhealthy competition, false expectations amongst other effects on an impressionable mind.

You can also read this article for more information on this topic- https://www.eset.com/blog/consumer/why-you-shouldnt-post-childrens-photos-online/#:~:text=Sharing%20your%20children´s,date%20of%20birth%20or%20location.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!


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