Welcome to the ‘Akancha Against Harassment’ Podcast show. Every Thursday, You can listen in to short capsules on topics like- cyber safety, how to approach the police, right way to using social apps, settings that can protect you & more.


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Do listen in & share your feedback. Here is the episode 1 with short introduction.

Have a great day!


    • Akancha Srivastava Reply

      Thanks! Please do watch out for the next episode this coming Thursday.

  1. Bhavesh025 Reply

    Knowledge is empowerment, and knowing about Cyber Harrassment empowers us to tackle against such unknown issues and situations
    Keep going

    • Akancha Srivastava Reply

      Glad you think so. Yes, education is most important for anything we wish to tackle in life.
      Thank you for listening in.

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