Ritesh Malik is the Founder & CEO of Innov8 Co working spaces in India. He is also an honorary advisor to Akancha Srivastava Foundation.

Ritesh has been an integral part of the journey of ‘Akancha Against Harassment’. He represents the will of the entrepreneurial community in India, to come together and give back to India with our skills.

Ritesh is of the firm view that all organisations especially those in the technology space need to leverage this advantage in making work & stay spaces safe via education & enabling communication.

His education as a doctor also makes Ritesh more empathetic towards the impact of any kind abuse on victims.

We do hope that more entrepreneurs will be inspired by Ritesh’s move of supporting not just our initiative but many more such social impact organizations from different fields.

We can all make a huge difference, together!


‘Akancha Against Harassment’ is India’s largest social impact initiative against cyber harassment. It was founded by Miss Akancha Srivastava in February 2017. Its a not for profit Section 8 organisation.

Our Honorary advisory board members have illustrious company of: Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder- Paytm), IG Navniet Sekera (Uttar Pradesh), IG Roopa Moudgil (Karnataka) & IG Krishna Prakash (Maharashtra), Ritesh Malik (Founder- Innov8), Princess Diya (MP- Rajsamand). We are glad to have their support for this important cause.

The initiative aims at Education, Empowerment & Bridging of general population with the authorities.

To create educational awareness about cyber safety, the Foundation conducts workshops across the country in schools, colleges, tech universities, IITs, IIMs, teachers trainings, parents and more. Objective of these workshops is to educate mindful use of technology. Its a preemptive measure of making sure the probabilities of crime are reduced. It is also an effort to inspire everyone to give back to the country with their own skills. The initiative has appointed its ambassadors & champions across the country to take forward this education at schools, colleges.

If you want to invite us to your school, college, community or if you would like to work with us, please send us an email at : HelloAkancha@gmail.com

The initiative has a panel of lawyers, legal experts & members of other NGOs that empower with law & processes. One of the big gaps in India is that often we are not aware of our rights. We aim to help with information that can empower you in any situation of cyber safety.

Bridging is the most unique attribute of the initiative. We have a host of senior police officers from across the country supporting us in content & awareness drive. We are also honoured to have IG Navniet Sekera (Uttar Pradesh), IG Roopa Moudgil (Karnataka) & IG Krishna Prakash (Maharashtra) on our advisory board. This unique strength helps us address any victim complaints that come to us as well as inform people about various measures of law enforcement across the country.

We run India’s only multilingual AI chat helpline for cyber safety. This helpline is currently available in Hindi & English on our website. It can be accessed from any internet enabled device. You can chat here anonymously, fearlessly. We do not track ISPs unless you trigger an SOS to Akancha in any crisis situation. Please note that all SOS emails go ONLY to Akancha. They are not accessed by any other team member.

We encourage you to please watch our videos, go to our website, arm yourself with knowledge. Stay Aware, Stay Safe.

Website: www.AkanchaAgainstHarassment.com

Email: HelloAkancha@gmail.com

Twitter: @AkanchaS

Instagram: @akanchas