Don’t be a Google Corona doctor– says Dr Manoj Chawla, renowned diabetologist.


Dr Chawla explains why half-baked medical knowledge can be dangerous. He cautions against taking any medicine without proper advise of a qualified doctor. Any underlying health condition can have severe reaction to medicines. Every person has different tolerance levels to different compositions.


Self-medicating CAN EVEN PROVE FATAL!


Don’t be a Google Corona doctor also because it triggers anxiety. Everything you read can make you believe that you are suffering from those symptoms.


When we forward unverified medical news, again we are triggering anxiety. Don’t become a part of fake news factory.


Ask your doctor or visit a hospital for an emergency. All government hospitals are currently open. The doctors are right respurce for any medicines or treatment of Corona. Please take guidance only from a qualified medical practitioner.


Save yourself from any further complications. Don’t be a Google Corona doctor.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.