Amrita Bhinder is currently the NEC @ BYJM.

She is a popular figure across social media, known for her very frank views on politics & all things about life!


Amrita is an alumna of the Lawrence School Sanawar, Panjab University, and the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. She was the legal head for an American conglomerate and has over 15 years of experience in the legal arena.

She had forayed into active politics as the state spokesperson for the BJYM in Chandigarh.


You can know more about her & follow her on Twiiter: @amritabhinder

We asked her how she handles all the positive & negative interactions on social media. Amrita shared that she was targeted online a couple of times but she does not get hassled easily.

Her phone number was once leaked & she reported it to the police. Across states, the authorities co-operated in nabbing the culprit.

Amrita feels that one needs to be strong & not afraid of trolls. Digital India is a wonderful place for everyone especially the youth to explore so many new opportunities, get access to information, communicate, pursue their dreams.

Listen to her & be inspired.