Cyber crimes And How Akancha Against Harassment Is Helping People To Deal With It #AAH

A cyber crime, in simplest terms, is when a criminal aims to damage people’s reputation or finances using technology. These crimes include sextortion, revenge pornography and porn scams but are not limited to these. Post lockdown in India, these crimes have seen a huge spike and Akancha Against Harassment has been helping people across India to fight it.

Whenever the organisation gets a complaint, they take it forward through a streamlined process that determines its level of urgency. They have a team of volunteers that includes influencers, legal experts, law and order authorities, and more. Over the years, they have personally addressed over 1 lakh people and continue to do so.

“We want more people to take advantage of this initiative. People should benefit and educate themselves, crimes should go down, perpetrators should be brought to book and for that to happen, knowledge should be freely available”, says Akancha, the founder of the organisation.