Bollywood, Give Us Better Heroes! #AAH

Two things India is most passionate about is – Bollywood & cricket. Bollywood heroes are worshipped in the country & youngsters idolize them. In such a scenario it’s the responsibility of big heroes to set good examples?


There has been increasingly violent characterization of heroes in our films where they are shown committing violence, acts of abuse, stalking women. And these are depicted as heroic acts. But is it really heroic? That’s where we need to differentiate between a Bollywood hero and villain.


Showing psychopathic behavior as normalized, dysfunctional characters as larger than life is not right. Young adults or children believe this to be normal. For example, chasing a woman despite her saying no, physically beating her, threatening with consequences, refusing to accept rejection in a romantic situation- are nothing to be idolized about!


Few recent films have shown “heroes” entering class rooms & “picking” their girlfriends at their will & then harassing that girl against her consent, or threatening her with dire consequences if she refuses the hero’s advances, obsessively following her. Ironically, the heroine goes on to marry this stalker too in the end!



Such dysfunctional characters definitely exist in real life but they are criminals. They are not desirable. On reel life, they need to be shown as a negative character not heroes!


अक्सर बॉलीवुड के हीरो को ऐसे दर्शाया गया है की वो लड़की का पीछा सालों तक करते हैं, उसे सब के सामने थप्पड़ मारते हैं, उसके मना करने के बावजूद शादी के लिए ज़बरदस्ती करते हैं या उसकी जान भी ले लेते हैं!


जब बच्चे या युवा अपने पसंदीदा हीरो को ऐसी हरकतें करते हुए देखते हैं तो उन्हें लगता है की अगर उनका हीरो ऐसा कर रहा है तो यह शायद ठीक ही होगा या शायद अच्छा भी हो! बहुत से ऐसे किस्से हैं जहाँ औरतों के खिलाफ जुर्म की तहकीकात में पता चला की वो किसी फिल्म से प्रेरित था


हमें इस प्रथा को बदलना होगा, अब हमें यह पता है की हिंसा को ऐसे नहीं दिखाना है जिस से युवा उस काम तो करने से प्रेरित हों, यह काम तो विलन करता है जिसका अंत हमेशा बुरा ही होता है


Such content is today available direct to home on OTT platforms Kids have an even easier access to them. If they watch such “heroes” at an early age, they will grow up believing that what their idols do on screen, is perfectly normal. This needs to be stopped! They need to learn the difference between Bollywood hero and villain.


Think. Demand better content.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.











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