Bol ke lab azad hain tere- says Special IG Krishna Prakash Sir (Maharashtra)


IG Krishna Prakash Sir was speaking to a young audience at Wilson College, Mumbai in February where he inspired with his words of courage & strength.


Reciting words from poet Faiz, he said- Bol ke lab azad hain tere…Meaning that speak your mind while you are alive, while you are able. IG Krishna Prakash Sir asserted that whether in spirit or body, we are only as alive as our belief.


Sir said that if not anything else, atleast our inner most self would be relieved of the burden we carry if we spoke up. Thoughts that are not spoken in life time are like a mountain of burden we carry forever. Don’t live with that.


Often, even our family and friends may not support us when we raise our voice against injustice. That can be very tough times for the person trying to voice their opinion but don’t worry, there are many of us here who are available to help. Just have to courage to stand up, we will back you.


IG Krishna Prakash Sir also spoke about our initiative, our helpline and how we can be approached for any help required. He insisted that we need to reclaim our lives from any incidents & not let it define us.


Watch his inspiring speech & tell us that one thing that motivated you the most from it.


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Thankful to IG Krishna Prakash Sir for motivating us with his wonderful speech & the long list of accolades, stories of bravery that are an example to this generation.


Salute to all officers who are in service of the nation 24x7x365.