Beware Of Cyber Stalking #AAH



Akancha Srivastava, Founder of ‘Akancha Against Harassment’ shares important tips to help you beware of cyber stalking.


Cyber stalking can be a very scary experience as we cant physically see the person following us. We just don’t know what kind of people are consuming the information about us & how they are going to use it. Also, cyber stalking often becomes obvious only after some incident already takes place. Therefore, its important to beware of cyber stalking.



Firstly, all information that any stranger (or known person) knows about us on the internet is often shared by ourselves. We overshare details like pattern of our life, locations, places we travel, whom we meet, restaurants we visit, our address, our friend circle and more. This makes us easy target for cyber stalkers. We need to be sensible about what information we are sharing online so that we are beware of cyber stalkers.



Secondly, we need to make sure that we use Virtual Phone Networks (VPN) where possible. VPN redirects our access points to other locations thereby concealing real locations from where we are logging. This is an important step in being beware of cyber stalking.



Thirdly, in a majority of cases, stalkers are known to the victim. They could even be ex lovers, partners, colleagues, neighbors etc. When you go through any relationship break/divorce, please change all your passwords. This includes social media, emails as well as banking details.


Let’s beware of cyber stalking & take every step to keep ourselves safe.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.




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