Beware Covid19 Emergency Frauds #AAH


There is a huge crisis  of Covid19 second wave currently in India. Acute shortage of medical facilities, SOS situations & several other information gaps is also giving an opportunity to criminals to manipulate vulnerabilities. This is the time therefor for us to beware Covid19 emergency frauds!


Amongst the top few frauds which we are tracking, it’s the fraud of taking money in name of supplying medicines or oxygen! Its terrible that such a thing should happen when we are fighting to save lives. It leads to not just loss of money but also critical time which can lead to loss of lives! Please don’t give advance money to anyone who promises medical aid, unless properly verified.


Other frauds include criminals getting your residential address or sensitive information by posing as healthcare professionals or government officials. Lastly, we need to calmly respond to any email or phone calls even if it induces panic. If we respond in a hurry, we could become phishing victims.


Beware Covid19 Emergency Frauds!



Stay strong, stay aware, stay safe. Please mask up.






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