Are You A Deepfake Victim? #AAH

Unfortunate that it is, deepfake videos are now pretty common. You must have heard of several celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Kajol, Sachin Tendulkar- their deepfake videos being circulated for shaming and for unfair financial gains.


At least they have a voice, large following, teams to address it, access to right knowledge and slightly easier access to reporting mechanisms. What about those who aren’t in public spotlight, not celebrities, what should they do? It’s so scary, disturbing to see a semin*de/ n*de/ compromising video of yours which Is not even you? Immediate thought is oh my God, my family will watch it, my colleagues, my lover/ husband or wife! What will they say? What will they think? How will I explain this is not me, why is this happening to me, my life is over!


Yes, but natural.


We can only advise and hand hold you through this. Yes its done to shame/ intimidate you. But you can’t be shamed when it’s not even you! That is not real, its false.


Once you have taken some time to calm down, start gathering evidence. How did it reach you? Who sent it? Where all has it been uploaded? URL of those sites cos that is how the police will be able to first process its take down and also investigate from where it was possibly uploaded. Do screen record where the URLs/ platforms are visible, that is also worthy evidence.


Take your loved ones into confidence immediately. I always say that people who believe you, truly love and respect you, will stand by you come what may. Those who don’t, they anyways don’t matter, they will take pleasure in seeing you suffer.


Report to police, remember they are here to protect us, it’s their duty. Follow process, don’t get frustrated, fill forms, hand over evidence, share all proofs, answer their questions even if repetitive. Don’t you give up. Remember it’s not even you. It’s like your name is Anita and someone calls you Sunita, will you change into the other person?


The very motive of the criminal to shame you, silence you has to be challenged, try to maintain your regular routine, go to work, hold your head high.


Ask for professional help in your mental health if needed, you are never alone!


Stay Aware, Stay Safe, Stay Strong.


Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!





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‘Akancha Against Harassment’ is India’s largest social impact initiative against cyber harassment. It was founded by Miss Akancha Srivastava in February 2017. It’s a not-for-profit Section 8 organization.

Honorary Board of advisors

Foundation’s advisory board hosts – Former Special DGP RK Vij (Chattisgarh), ADG Navniet Sekera (Uttar Pradesh), ADG Krishna Prakash (Maharashtra), Dr Poonam Verma (Principal- SSCBS, Delhi University)

Goals of this initiative

The initiative aims at Education, Empowerment & Bridging of general population with the authorities.

Support of the Indian Police for the initiative

Bridging is the most unique attribute of the initiative. We have a host of over 70+ senior police officers from across the country supporting us in content & awareness drive.

This unique strength helps us address any victim complaints that come to us as well as inform people about various measures of law enforcement across the country.

Multilingual AI Chat helpline for cyber safety

We run India’s only functional private national multilingual AI chat helpline for cyber safety. This helpline is currently available in Hindi & English on our website. It can be accessed from any internet enabled device. You can chat here anonymously, fearlessly.