Are patient records safe? – Dr Manoj Chawla, renowned diabetologist, answers this very important question.

There is a lot of concern in everyone right now whether our patient records are safe with doctors. When we visit a doctor, we share our diagnostic reports, family history, habits, medication & more. Its like we have share our entire profile that makes us very vulnerable if this data is ever leaked.



Are patient records safe we ask Dr Manoj Chawla. He responds to this question by explaining how this data is maintained by doctors. The software used for maintaining records & its management plays an important role. Please do listen to understand more on this subject.



We also asked Dr Chawla how technology has helped doctors. We got very interesting information in response. Managing records, keeping in touch with the patients, monitoring BP/sugar are some of the obvious advantages of internet and technology.


In the given health emergency, its extremely important for us to trust doctors, exercise precaution and follow health advisory.


Please stay home, it’s for your own safety.



Stay Aware, Stay Safe.