AlJazeera invites Akancha to address sex trafficking menace

As a guest on conversation about sex trafficking & crimes against women, our founder Akancha Srivastava took a tough stand and said that these changes can only happen in long term.


Education is our hope

Speaking to AlJazeera on stopping sex trafficking & heinous crimes against women, children, Akancha said that education and long term overhaul of judiciary is our only hope.

Akancha also said that there is no quick fix solution to sex trafficking and unlike what we may feel about recent Hyderabad encounter of “alleged” rapists, that’s no way to stop crimes.


Surety of punishment

While speaking with AlJazeera on the menace of sex trafficking, an important point made ny our founder & Director Akancha Srivastava was that every crime should have surety of punishment. No matter how small but no  criminal should get away. Fear of definite punishment, rehabilitation & education at a very young age is our ling term hope.


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