Akancha Srivastava Questions Abusive Content By Comedians #AAH

Kotak Mahindra Withdraws Ad Featuring Tanmay Bhat when Ms Akancha Srivastava, Founder of ‘Akancha Against Harassment’ raised string concerns about Kotak Mahindra Bank ad campaign featuring erstwhile comedian Tanmay Bhat.


Tanmay Bhat was the co founder of AIB, a rather controversial company of equally controversial comedians. During his tenure as the CEO Tanmay had failed to take action against his colleague who was accused of sexual harassment by several women. Tanmay publicly accepted that he was in know of this misconduct & yet failed at acting upon them. He went on to resign from his position and AIB pretty much slipped into oblivion.


Tanmay would often use abusive language & inappropriate tweets via his personal Twitter handle too. This included so called (sick) jokes about sexual assaults on baby girls.


Ms Akancha Srivastava upon seeing the endorsement by Kotak Mahindra Bank, immediately raised this issue. She also put forth the tweets made by Tanmay Bhat, which were objectionable, in fact totally unacceptable. Over the next few hours, her tweet gathered immense support, going viral in India. Several politicians, actors and other influencers supported her stand. Rightly so.


Alleged comedian Kunal Kamra tried to position Tanmay as a ‘victim who is facing atrocities’. Ms Srivastava took a tough stand against this whataboutery. Once more, social media came together is calling out this absolutely frivolous statement by Kamra and supported our views.


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