In this episode IG Navniet Sekera Sir explains why it’s incredibly important to speak up against any injustice. Also, families need to become friends with children and give them confidence to fight back.

IG Navniet Sekera Sir has spent over 22 meritorious years in The Indian Police across several responsibilities. His recent few years have been dedicated to building 1090 anti harassment cell for women & girl children.

He also won the Digital Excellence Award for Citizen service for 1090 Women Power Line. Akancha & Sekera Sir talk about why it’s incredibly important for victims to speak up. IG Sekera Sir explains that the trauma experienced by a victim might leave them scarred for a lifetime if they don’t speak up.

He urges the parents, teachers, siblings- to teach their younger ones to speak up against any injustice. Give them the courage to raise their voice & reclaim their lives. Do listen in.