In this much awaited episode listen to IG Navniet Sekera talk about power of 1090 Women Power Line & Power of speaking up against any abuse.

In this much awaited episode, Inspector General Of Police, Uttar Pradesh- Navniet Sekera Sir, talks to me about the genesis of 1090, Women Power Line in the state. Under his leadership, 1090 has handled over 1 Crore calls from across 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh. With a successful resolution rate of over 98% in about 8.5 lac formal complaints registered, 1090 is a case study in handling complaints of women & girl child. IG Navniet Sekera was recently awarded with HT Woman Award for his exemplary work in gender equality. Listen to them talk about why speaking up is important & how 1090 spearheaded this mission.