Learn about 3 biggest internet crimes to be careful from during Corona lockdown.

Also learn ways to stay safe.


Firstly, there are many internet scams like asking for donation for Corona relief efforts, charity calls, fraud job sites or malicious payment links. Please do not use of these without proper verifications. Always donate to a credible organization vetted by government sources or trusted by your circle.


Don’t be in a hurry to download new apps. They could be malicious, wait a bit for the reviews. Be very sure of personal details you share with anyone or invite new delivery person to your home. This could prove dangerous.


Secondly, domestic violence is at it’s highest cos victims are trapped with their monsters. Reach out to the mentioned WhatsApp number of National Commission of Women. Its very difficult for victims to report. If you notice any such incident around you, stay aware and watchful. You could save a life.


Thirdly, please watch carefully and understand what is cyber grooming. Its impact is very high right now cos children are using internet more during this lockdown. Talk to them from a place of trust. Teach them critical thinking and deal gently. Watch this quick video & find out important safety internet tips. Stay Aware, Stay Safe.