Fake Delivery Scams! #AAH

All of us order many things online, sometimes several things on a single day. Grocery, Amazon, etc etc. Why do we do this cos we are busy, we get discounts and convenient. But this same busyness can land us in trouble. Please listen carefully.



How can we get scammed online? Fake delivery scams are a type of online scam in which scammers send out messages or emails that appear to be from a legitimate delivery company, such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS. The messages typically claim that the recipient has a package waiting for them, but in order to receive it, they need to provide personal information or pay a fee.


In some cases, the scammers may use a fake tracking number or a fake delivery confirmation to make the message seem more convincing. They may also use the name and logo of a real delivery company to make their message appear more legitimate. If you click on the tracking link, it could take you to a fake site as well and the entire conversation looks legit.


Once the victim provides their personal information or pays the fee, the scammers may disappear, leaving the victim with nothing. In some cases, the scammers may use the personal information they have collected for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. Phishing scam!


To avoid falling victim to a fake delivery scam, it’s important to be cautious when receiving messages or emails from unfamiliar sources. Don’t click on any links or provide any personal information unless you’re sure the message is legitimate. If you’re unsure, you can always contact the delivery company directly to confirm whether the message is real or fake.


Now what can happen in real life- A fraud delivery agent will show up with a parcel at your doorstep. You will wonder cos you haven’t ordered anything but they insist you have to accept, they will try their best to confuse or rush you. If you stick to your stand and refuse to accept the delivery, they will pretend to be frustrated and say they are triggering an OTP for cancellation. If you rush to share that OTP, it can lead to a big loss. They might have already done the background work of detailing your bank account etc and as soon as their team receives this OTP, your bank account can be wiped out, online wallet cleaned out. By the time that scammer leaves your residence, you would be broke!


If you doubt this delivery you can ask the delivery person to share their official id, you can call that site/ service to reconfirm the origin of the parcel, you can actually reject even sharing the cancellation OTP. If you didn’t order anything, you don’t have to even reject it. You can take details of the sender. Read the OTP texts very carefully until the end. We usually just copy paste the OTP and don’t bother the accompanying texts.


Very importantly, in any case, you should not entertain any stranger claiming to be a delivery person if you aren’t expecting one. This is a huge security risk. They could assault, steal and more. The package could contain something explosive, harmful. If you have security men in the building instruct them not to allow anyone without permission, atleast look through keyhole, or the door chain before talking to anyone.


PS- We have also included relevant content from articles/posts available on the subject, online.


Stay Aware, Stay Safe.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!




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